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Audio, Video, DVD, Home Theatre - Links
- Audio Review Tech Talk Home Theatre
- Audio, Stereo Equipment Reviews and Ratings
- Campsie Hi-Fi - Welcome to Campsie Hi-Fi's Online Audio-Visual Shopping Centre. This site was conceived to offer a convenient reference point to allow audio and video enthusiasts to determine precisely what their needs are, to be able to compare products from different manufacturers from the comfort of their own home, and to allow people who otherwise don't have convenient access to our store, to order our products online.
- DirectAV Audio Visual Store
- Hall of Fame
- Home Theater Systems - Introducing DTS Digital Surround...the finest technology ever invented to transform existing "home theater" systems into six discrete channels of exceptionally clear, better-than-compact disc, digital audio performance. And DTS Digital Surround is the only 5.1 surround sound format that can deliver this revolutionary 3-dimensional experience through new music recordings on compact discs, original 5.1 soundtracks on motion picture laserdiscs and a wide variety of products on DVD.
- LiViD - The Linux Video Project - The Linux Video and DVD Project LiViD is a nifty abbreviation for Linux Video and DVD. The web site is at and there is a CVS repository at The LiViD Project is a collection of video and dvd related sub-projects. The idea is to provide one central location for users to find information and support for video hardware and software. The other major advantage for organizing all the video related projects is the reduction of the amount of duplicated code, and a better collaboration on the design of interfaces. Our goals are simple - provide a unified development and user resource center for video and dvd related work for Linux.
- - Extending DVD - Introducing The site serves as a comprehensive resource for developers looking to implement DVD technology, and for users to take full advantage of all the benefits that DVD's have to offer.
- Padgett's frame page - Padgett's Radio Page
- Pioneer Electronics Australia - Index
- Planet DVD
- Your Connection to the Movies
- SAS Audio Labs: - Welcome to SAS Audio Labs. Would you like to be in the audience during a live band or Jazz session, or front row at a concert to experience the dynamic, accurate, realistic, and involving session? SAS Audio Labs cantake you there. Whether it's our 2 stage SETs vs. three or even 4 stages for the competition or our flagship 10A Line Preamplifier with recently added Auricaps, which is an absolute purists delight, is it any wonder our products reveal more inner detail, imaging, soundstaging, and sonic accuracy. And we are ever evolving to even higher levels of sonicperfection because of the little things that 31 years of professional experience in RF and AF has taught our owner and designer. Checking out our site will reveal the flaws of other designs and how we address these problems. We welcome sonic comparison tests as we want you to have the best. Check out our products below using our 45 day guarantee and don't forget to bookmark us. 7 Channel 10.7A Linestage Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Advantages, Features, PriceSAS Audio Labs introduces the 7 channel 10.7A Linestage Vacuum Tube Preamplifier for Home Theatre. The 10.7A Line Stage preamplifier will provide imaging, spaciousness, dynamics, and liveliness you never thought possible in a home theater system. And operation is as simple asconnecting the Decoder outputs into the 10.7A inputs and connecting the 10.7A outputs into your favorate amplifier. Then simply power on and adjust the manual volume controls for proper balance. Use the decoder's master volume to adjust to each movie. Below are the features, advantages, specifications, and ordering information.
- SONY Australia
- Welcome to ONKYO WonderLand
- Whise - welcome
- Zenith TransOceanics

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