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Microsoft & Bill Gates - Links
- Am-info Info Page - AM-INFO is the Appraising Microsoft List. This is an unmoderated list to discuss Microsoft, including concerns about anticompetitive conduct. There is additional information about the list management at, including some tips on unsubscribing if you are having problems, and the list privacy policy.
- Appraising Microsoft
- Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
- Bill Gates Personal Wealth Clock
- Bill Gates' Web Site
- Boycott Microsoft
- cDc #351: The Tao of Windows Buffer Overflow
- CNET - Microsoft employee's move against AOL backfires
- CPT's Microsoft Antitrust Page
- For Microsoft Haters
- Hard to say good-bye to Windows 98
- Help: Hot or Hype: Linux vs. Windows: Counterpoint: Linux Is Viable
- Homesteading the Noosphere
- How To Become A Hacker
- January/February 1998 Table of Contents
- Looking for the Wizard of Redmond? Follow the yellow brick road ahead (InfoWorld) - Looking for the Wizard of Redmond? Follow the yellow brick road ahead If I had a nickel for every time someone compared Bill Gates to the Wizard of Oz ("Pay no attention to the truth behind that curtain"), Gates would no longer be the richest person on earth.
- Microsoft to Hackers: Crack This!
- Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 versus UNIX
- Microstuff
- Nader asks PC vendors to pack more than just Microsoft
- Overseas Invasion
- Support Group for People Used by Microsoft
- The Cathedral and the Bazaar
- The Circus Midget and the Fossilized Dinosaur Turd
- The Halloween Document
- The Halloween Document (1.3)
- The Halloween Documents: An Appreciation
- The Halloween Nightmare
- The International Anti-Microsoft Network
- The Microsoft Boycott Campaign - MSBC '98
- The MSBC Superlist of Anti-Microsoft Web Sites
- The MSBC Superlist of Anti-Microsoft Websites
- THE REGISTER: Microsoft on trial
- The Sage - A Comparison Between OS/2 and Windows NT
- The UNIX versus NT Organization
- The Unofficial Bill Gates Web Site
- The Windows Home Page
- UPSIDE today: Breaking Windows
- Web page hacker arrested, government sites becoming more secure
- What MCSE really stands for... - What MCSE really stands for...
- Why Bill Gates is Richer than You
- Windows 2000 Annoyances
- Windows95 Annoyances
- Windows98 Bootup
- ZDNet Sm@rt Reseller - Windows Refund Day Hits New York
- ZDNet: Printer Friendly - Did Microsoft employee smear AOL?

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