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OS/2 Related Web Pages - Links
- 21warp - Lets take OS/2 into the 21 century ! IBM has stated that they will NOT release a new OS/2 Warp client.But we are many that thinks IBM is wrong, very wrong !
- About Warped Studios - It has been said that only From Warped Minds comes Warped Software. If ya only knew thehalf of it! Muaa-hahahaha!
- Chris Wenham re-wrote the LinkBuilder we use: How it works - Rexx Source Now Available.Andy Trick of Prominic Technologies Inc.,the original author of LinkBuilder, asked me if I'd like to put up the source code for my heavily modified version. So after cleaning itup and adding a few toggles for users tooptionally switch off the features that require third party libraries (all shareware/freeware anyway) I've put it up here.
- David Barnes' Warped Gallery
- Desktop Communications Web Site - Desktop Communications, an information provider for the OS/2 publishing market, is dedicated to making OS/2 vendors and users aware of the capabilities and needs of the OS/2 operating system in a publishing environment. DTCWeb is an on-line repository of information concerning the OS/2 Computer Publishing Platform (OS/2CPP). It also has information about the OS/2CPP Compliance effort, an attempt to create a standards body for OS/2 publishing software and hardware. MediaSquared will be a new digital magazine for the OS/2 community.
- Harry Martin Cartoons, Clip Art, Comics, Illustration, WebGraphics - The Widget Box by Harry Martin (Formerly OS/2oons) Thank's for stopping by, you may want to bookmark this site for future reference. The Widget Box is my collection of computer and technology related cartoons which tend to promote OS/2 and spoof the Windows *GAG* operating system.This started out as an Anti-Windows, Pro OS/2 webpage. I guess it still is. This webpage coded by hand for HTML 2.0, using OS/2 Warp 4.0 Operating System. Graphics by Photo>Graphics PRO, a native graphics package for OS/2 by TrueSpectra. Why do I use OS/2? ...Because IT WORKS, and works WELL. If you get a chance, visit some of the listed OS/2 links to learn moreabout OS/2 and the ever versatile Work Place Shell.
- IBM OS/2 Warp Developer Kit, Java(TM) Technology Edition, Version 1.1.8
- IBM OS/2: News & Events
- IBM TCP/IP for OS/2 Service Packages
- Internet Connection Secure Server: Resources - Online Documentation
- IQ #4, October 1998-- FreeOS/2: Ready for Prime Time? - "By adhering to the original OS/2 design, current developers will find it extremely easy to support FreeOS/2, and will have instant access to a large potential market. This ensures their success, and protects their investment in learning OS/2."
- Lightning's Home Page - The OS/2 Repository - The Wall - Ok. I've decided to give this page some 'useful' content. I've written a small piece of software for OS/2 that i think many people will find useful.The Wall - OS/2 Firewalling made easy -
- NUTS: Site of The Universal Nexus
- Orion Solutions - Warp 2000 - Next Generation
- OS/2 'Must-Have' Utilities
- OS/2 Warp software on Ganggang
- OS/2 WWW Homepage - Welcome to the original OS/2 WWW Homepage. Be sure to check out our page of User Information (which includes the HTML Edition of Timothy Sipples' Frequently Asked Questions List, links to the Warp Pharmacy, links to shareware, and much, much more). This evolving category covers shareware and freeware designed to run on IBM's OS/2operating system.
- Peter Moylan's OS/2 recommendations - Mostly freeware, mostly harmless
- Pilot stuff from the ISAAC Group
- Polskie strony WWW z OS/2 Warp - Polskie strony WWW z OS/2 Warp
- PreRapture Solutions INC
- RAR beta
- Risto Ahonen
- RU/2: TCP/IP v4.1 Security - First Step - TCP/IP v4.1 Security - First StepVit Timchishin So, TCIP 4.1 for OS/2 (to be correct MPTN 5.3) has firewall included without any documentation. But It was found that command system of firewall is very similar to AIX firewall one. The documentation for AIX can be found at Taking all this together you can get next steps to start the firewall:
- Samuel Audet's Programs
- Serenity Systems: Supported Applications
- Service Updates
- Ssh (Secure Shell) Home Page
- Systems and Devices Compatible with OS/2 - OS/2 Device Driver Pak On-Line PCM Systems & Options Compatible with OS/2 Warp IBM Systems & Options Compatible with OS/2 Warp "All Blue Reports" IBM OS/2 Compatibility Testing Programs
- The Best Soundcard With the Best OS
- The OS/2 Feel-Bad Page
- The OS/2 Netlabs - Welcome
- The OS/2 Warp 4 CID Software Distribution Guide
- The Sslurp! Homepage
- The Ultimate OS/2 Games CD Volume I
- The Ultimate OS/2 Gaming Page
- The Ultimate Sound Page
- The Unofficial OS/2 Warp Home Page
- The Warped WebRing
- The Win32-OS/2 Project
- The Windows Home Page
- Tim Bryce's Home Page
- Timothy Sipples
- Timur Tabi's Guide for New and Potential OS/2 Users
- Toyland - Home of the Puppets
- TTC Computer Product's InfoOnCall Homepage
- Voice Keyboard: Voice PilotTM
- Warp 4 tuning tips
- warp 4. engage! (Ulrich Moellers OS/2-Seite)
- Warp Online
- Warp Warehouse
- Warp X - The future with OS/2 Warp.
- Warp Xperience
- Warp Xperience - Q&A
- Warpstock '97
- WebWorld
- Welcome to home of Help Desk - Welcome to the official Help Desk web site, For all of you people who asked that I create an easy way to access the older Help Desk strips, this is the place for you. For those of you who have never heard of Help Desk the comic strip, welcome, I hope you enjoy it (and if you don't, I hope you pretend you do... you know).
- Witamy na stronie TeamOS/2 Polska!
- WWW Homepage Access Counter
- Year 2000 Readiness of OS/2
- ZebraBBS - Homepage
- Zydacron, Inc.: OnWAN250 for OS/2

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