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- @Macarlo, Inc.
- Barrage of OS/2 users ask IBM for new device drivers (InfoWorld) - Barrage of OS/2 users ask IBM for new device drivers InfoWorld Electric -More than 30,000 OS/2 users have asked IBM to update the operating system with device drivers that support peripherals such as graphic cards, DVD drives, and digital cameras. The move again gives evidence -- contrary to what some industry pundits have declared -- that OS/2 is far from dead, according to several members of OS/2 Deutschland e.V.i.g., the German user group that prompted the initiative. The idea for the poll of OS/2 users came from IBM Germany, which recently asked 17 of its large corporate customers which device drivers they would like to see in the operating system over the next 18 months, according to Detlef Sch„bel, spokesperson with 0S/2 Deutschland e.V. i.g. A device driver makes it possible to connect different kinds of peripherals to a PC.
- BYTE Column - OS/2: The Little Engine That Could, Bill Nicholls - OS/2: The Little Engine Tha Could OS/2 Realities Vs. Past Myths Rodney Dangerfield gets more respect that OS/2. Linux gets all the press, Microsoft gets all the hate mail, OS/2 gets ignored. But somehow, OS/2 users keep on running this relatively unknown and little respected system. Why?
- Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 versus UNIX
- OS/2 Headquarters
- ZDNet: PC Week: Microsemi maverick opts for OS/2
- ZDNet: Sm@rt Reseller - IBM To Update OS/2 Client

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