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OS2 References - Links
- @Macarlo, Inc.
- Chuck McKinnis' NICPAK Page - Chuck McKinnis' NICPAK PageThe NICPAK package is a collection of various NIC (Network Interface Card) drivers and a tool for detecting and installing them.
- Index of /warp
- Installing OS/2 Warp Server on OS/2 Warp 4 - Installing OS/2 Warp Server on OS/2Warp 4
- Met@box 500-Report - OS/2 based TV-set box: ErmĒglichen soll das die met@box 500 (Metabox 500). Diese sogenannte SetTop-Box wird einfach wie ein Videorecorder, DVD-Player oder Receiver mit dem TV-GerĄt verbunden, wobei der Anwender die Wahl zwischen einem Scart- und einem S-VHS-Anschluss hat. In beiden fĄllen werden die Videosignale als RGB-Farben in hoher QualitĄt zum Fernsehbildschirm Ābertragen. Optional kann ein normaler Computerbildschirm angeschlossen werden.
- Met@box AG - Produkte
- OS/2 History - This history of OS/2 is brought to you by David Both, president and founder of Millenium Technology, Inc. It originally appeared in the July issue of the OS/2 VOICE newsletter, and is reprinted with the author's permission.
- PowerChute plus for OS/2 - Product Information - PowerChute plus for OS/2 PowerChute© plus, the leading UPS Power Management software for network administrators in OS/2 environments. PowerChute gracefully shuts down OS/2 servers during extended power outages. Receive power alerts immediately (including proactive battery replacement notification). Quickly diagnose problems using power event and data logs. Monitor power through standard web browsers (using PowerChute Web Device Manager option).
- Road Runner & OS/2 - The POWER of OS/2 WARP + the SPEED of Time Warner's Road Runner cable modem service = An AWESOME combination.żˇE
- RROS/2 - Experimental RROS2 - RROS2d: I'm making my first attempt at RROS2d available now because I need help testing it. I've included the source code for the commandline interface so you can get an idea as to how the protocol is going to work. This protocol will be totally open so anyone can write a front end for it.It's very loose but should work. Run rros2cli w/o params to get the 'usage' info. Stay tuned for updates. Hopefully rros2 will actually become usable soon... RROS2d will attempt to autodetect your authentication method. If it does not detect anything you're: not on a RoadRunner network, or do not have your doman and nameserver set correctly, or you do not have DHCP setup correctly, or I'm just a bad programmer. If you suspect the latter send me an e-mail ( There is currently only a commandline interface to this version of RROS2d. A PM version is in the works.

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