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OS2 Sites - Links
- Red Hill Technology
- 0001: DEXIS, Inc. Welcomes You
- Alex's More OS/2 page
- Amisoft Internet - Index
- AMtech Home Page
- Bob Babcock's Bookmarks
- Calder Home Page
- Chuck McKinnis' Home Page - I have a few little applications and tips here that you are welcome to use.
- Chuck McKinnis' OS/2 Page - Chuck McKinnis' OS/2 PageI have a few little applications and tips here that you are welcome to use.The NICPAK package is a collection of various NIC (Network Interface Card) drivers and a tool for detecting and installing them.Rexx Autostart is a startup utility that provides for the orderly start up of the OS/2 desktop and objects in the startup folder. Version 1.86 has only been tested with Warp 4 and above. Similar functions for older versions of OS/2 can be found in Rexx Autostart 1.62. Polarbar Mailer is an authorized re-work of Innoval's Java based JStreet Mailer. It is vastly improved and runs on a great variety of Java platforms. The following tools are available here for assistance in converting from various OS/2 mailer platforms.
- Closer To Home Systems
- Sarch Maestro
- Computing Solutions - IBM OS/2 Solution Provider
- and
- CraigerWare Enterprises - Home Office
- Creative Approaches
- Desktop Communications Web Site
- Dimitris Michelinakis Home Page - Main - My name is Dimitris Michelinakis and this is my homepage. I am currently studing Computer Science at the University of Southampton. I program under C, REXX and VX-REXX/VisPro. I program GUI applications, TCP/IP communication interfaces/daemons, DB/2 and SQL databases, HTML/PHP3 and all that under OS/2 Warp, if you want my CV.. ask for it, i'd be interested in jobs that don't have to do with windoze. I am also a committie member of the OS/2 UK Users Group (WarpUK). Take a look at my programs, of course they are for OS/2 only.
- Discware
- Don Young
- FA-Partners OS/2 Site
- Ham/2 Page (OS/2 and Amateur Radio) - What's this Ham/2 thing all about? The Ham/2 page is a service to the Amateur Radio Operator who uses the OS/2 operating system or eComStation in the shack. Ham/2 is also for the promotion of OS/2 or eComStation as a useful tool for the Amateur Radio Operator.Updates: OS/2 Ham Software / Look at the Ham/2 Odin page. Do Hams use OS/2? Yes!
- Hethmon Brothers
- Interdart Welcome Page
- Internet Service Providers
- ISO Virtual Web Server
- Jamawkinaw Enterprises
- John Summerfield
- Kevin Myers' Warped Web Page - Compilation of IBM Internet Domains - Kevin Myers' Warped Web Page - Compilation of IBM Internet Domains
- Links
- Mensys Home (Phone 31-(0)23-5482020)
- Norloff's OS/2 Shareware BBS
- Norloff's OS/2 Shareware BBS & Web
- OS/2 Switchboard - Frontpage
- Pacific Telefonix - Home
- Pactel
- PPS Technology
- Searching
- Stealth Communications Inc Home Page
- Stephane Charette - Properties (OS/2)
- The 13th Floor--Wealth of OS/2 Information
- The Australian Electronic Post Office
- The OS/2 Supersite
- The SRE-http home page - The SRE-http home page The SRE-http project is dedicated to the provision of free, WWW-aware software for the OS/2 community. Written primarily in REXX, our flagship product is the SRE-http http/1.1 server for OS/2. Other applications, most of which can be run either as SRE-http addons or as generic CGI-bin scripts, include GIF creation utilities, site-search and URL verification tools, bulletin board and forum utilities, and much more.
- Warpguru's home page
- Warpowisko, Home Page
- WarpSpeed Computers
- WarpTech - An OS/2 Warp Technical ConferenceThe Phoenix OS/2 Society, Inc is creating a special three-day technical event for OS/2 Warp users, developers, and vendors. The event will be held at the world-renowned Wigwam Resort in Litchfield Park, Arizona, USA (near Phoenix) over Memorial Day weekend.
- Watermaid Pty Ltd: Swimming pool chlorinator manufacturer and resellers 22/7/97 URL: Keywords: swimming,pool,salt,water,chlorination,electrolysis,chlorine,manafacture Organization or Business: Watermaid Pty Ltd Location: 7 Duneba Ave, West Pymble, NSW, 2073, Australia Contact: Ted Romer [] Phone: (+61 2) 94982495 Fax: (+61 2) 94981686 Description: manufactures home swimming pool chlorinators which make liquid chlorine by electrolysis from salt in your pool
- Welcome to
- Welcome to Indelible Blue!
- Welcome to OS/2 Central
- Welcome to WebDock
- Welcome.html
- Which Web Site would you like to see?

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