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- Security Hole Allows Remote Malice Over Internet
- Case Study: Horns of a Dilemma
- cDc #351: The Tao of Windows Buffer Overflow
- Confronting the Bigwigs: Will IBM Executives Meet with the Users
- Culture News from Wired News - Geeks with GunsJohn Jasen squints down the barrel of his .40 caliber Beretta and carefully squeezes the trigger. The pistol barks as 180-grain slugs smash into the 17-inch RGB monitor a few dozen feet away. Thin grey smoke seeps from the perforated screen.
- E-Commerce Sites Cost $1 Million to Build --May 28, 1999
- Forbes (8-10-98) Computers/Comunications Lotus position
- Help us reclaim Readers' Choice Product of the Year awards from OS/2 zealots (InfoWorld)
- Help: Hot or Hype: Linux vs. Windows: Counterpoint: Linux Is Viable
- Holes in NT armor raise concern (InfoWorld)
- Homesteading the Noosphere
- Aberdeen Group
- - Solaris calls Hotmail shots for Microsoft
- IBM OS/2: Library - White Papers - OS/2 Warp Vision - Unprecedented opportunity ... unparalleled competition. A Double edged sword. In order to win, the enterprise mus transform itself. Securing competitive advantage means integrating all available resources. IBM understands that. To find out how IBM with network computing, Java, and OS/2 is working to make technology your servant, not your master, click on these important topics:
- IBM suffocates Warp
- IQ #4, October 1998-- FreeOS/2: Ready for Prime Time? - "By adhering to the original OS/2 design, current developers will find it extremely easy to support FreeOS/2, and will have instant access to a large potential market. This ensures their success, and protects their investment in learning OS/2."
- JavaWorld - IBM to Release Embedded Java Browser for 'Net Devices - May 1997
- Linux Today: Fixing Security Holes on Internet Time
- Los Angeles Times Business & Technology
- Microsoft works on NT security fix (InfoWorld)
- New poll will determine winners of Readers' Choice Product of the Year awards (InfoWorld)
- NT Case 41
- NT Case 41
- NT-4.0 and PPP
- Petreley's column: Will Ballmer take the fall when Linux supplants Windows NT 5.0?
- Print and online readers cast their votes (InfoWorld)
- Readers determined winners of this year's Readers' Choice awards (InfoWorld)
- Redmond press machine: What we have here is the ability to communicate (InfoWorld)
- SANS puts Shadow in the public domain - SunWorld - July 1998
- Searching for the next Windows NT - NC World - March 1998
- Security Hole Allows Remote Malice Over Internet
- Slashdot:Australian Linux user gets Windows Refund
- Software Development Online
- Software glitches leave Navy Smart Ship dead in the water | GCN July 13, 1998
- State of the Server
- The Cathedral and the Bazaar
- The CD Information Center
- The Internet Underground
- The Sage - A Comparison Between OS/2 and Windows NT
- Toshiba/Microsoft Saga
- Total Cost of Ownership - Monkey See, Monkey Do
- UPSIDE today: Breaking Windows
- Warp Server best at file/print; NT top apps server
- Welcome to GNet - How do Linux and Windows NT measure up in real life ? The rapid rise of Linux and its growing implementation in a corporate context has spurred many a comparison in the past few months, up to and including attempts to benchmark both operating systems. Still, in the end it's the everyday use that will decide which OS is the most suitable one, and that is why Bloor Research( has spent the past year comparing two systems, each running one of the operating systems. General conclusion of their white paper : the overall winner is Linux, although in a number of cases the difference with NT is very small.
- What is wrong with...
- Yphise home page
- ZDNet Sm@rt Reseller - IBM Mulls OS/2 Desktop Upgrade
- ZDNet: PC Week: Microsemi maverick opts for OS/2
- [SLUG] Massive NT failure!

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