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REXX - Links
- "Free Rexx Headers by Dennis Bareis (include using PPWIZARD)"
- 2Rud Software Home Page
- A REXX Primer - ForewordI am not a professional programmer. This is good news for you and me. For you, because if a non programmer can write a tutorial about rexx programming, then it means you don't have to be a veteran guru to enjoy the power of REXX. It's good news for me, because I have a wonderful excuse for all the mistakes, stupidity and other blunders that you'll certainly find in this document :-). Kidding aside, REXX is a wonderful asset of OS/2 and all the systems that run it (PC DOS etc). It is simple enough to be accessible to beginners, and yet powerful enough to be enjoyed by seasonned programmers.
- A Survey of OS/2 REXX Libraries - Introduction to REXX Workshop Duration: 4 hours Instructor: Rick Ellis
- C F S Nevada, Inc. Home Page Introduction Frame - Listen to The Voice of Las Vegas! C F S Nevada, Inc. is a Las Vegas-based producer and publisher of personal computer software and publications for the OS/2, Windows 95/98 and Windows NT platforms as well as providing high level consulting to enterprise clients around the world. C F S Nevada, Inc. was founded in 1993 by Dick Goran, well-known consultant and software developer with more than 30 years of experience in the data processing industry. Prior to starting C F S Nevada, Inc. Goran was President and CEO of a Massachusetts-based IBM mainframe software development company known world-wide for its VSE products. Goran is best known in the PC world as the author of the best selling, award winning REXX Reference Summary Handbook. He was also a Contributing Editor at Miller-Freedman's OS/2 Magazine and IBM's Personal Systems Magazine. Dick Goran has passed away in August 1999, this site is a mirror of his former site. Dick is still in spirit with us, and, still helps all REXX users.
- Cameron Laird's personal notes on Rexx - Cameron Laird's personal notes on RexxI'm just starting to unpack my Rexx notes. Until I do that, see the Rexx Language Association IBM Hursley's Rexx Language page, and the FAQ.
- CDB/REXX - What is CDB/REXX?CDB/REXX is an extension to the REXX language that allows you to write DB2 applications in REXX. CDB/REXX also allows you to issue DB2 commands and have the command output placed in REXX variables. All this can be done without the need for precompilations or binds.
- Dennis Bareis's Freeware Site (contains many free programs for OS/2, Windows, DOS and Unix) - IntroductionHi, my name is Dennis Bareis. This web page supplies free software that I have written for a number of operating systems. The software is mainly OS/2, but there is also Windows 95/98/NT, DOS and Unix software. Source code is also available.
- Guide to Writing CGI Scripts in REXX and Perl - Guide to Writing CGI Scripts in REXX and Perl
- Help-Site Computer Manuals - Rexx Programming - Rexx Programming
- http://www.mindspring.c...ave_martin/FAQHead.html - Welcome to the Rexx Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page
- Ian's Rexx title page - RexxWelcome to my Rexx page. If you are here because you are curious about Rexx and want to know something about it, please visit my page of introductory information about Rexx. More in-depth documentation and of course an interpreter which you can run on a Unix system can be found within REXX/imc below. Otherwise, you might like to peruse some of the following links.
- Inet.Mail Rexx Interface - Inet.Mail Rexx InterfaceRexx interfaces to both the user database and the user mailboxes are available. These dll's can be used to create web based interfaces, filter incoming or outgoing mail, or anything which can be accomplished in Rexx.
- InterfloX Release 2
- Internet Software from InnoVal - Surf'nRexx - Surf'nRexx is a library of TCP/IP functions for REXX and VX-REXX. With Surf'nRexx you can create simple Internet utilities or complete applications that tap the Internet. Surf'nRexx is distributed with a set of REXX utilities that you can put to work immediately. Each utility is carefully annotated so that you can tailor each to your own needs, if you choose todo so.
- Internet/REXX Workbench - A sample CGI REXX Transaction
- Introduction to REXX Workshop - Introduction to REXX Workshop Date: March 31, 1999 Duration: 4 hours Location: MSB042 Instructor: Rick Ellis
- Jim Barry's Rexx Tutor Part1
- Jose˙ Acosta - VOILA ! REXX / PALM OS Rexx/PalmOS does over 1000 Rexx clauses per second and solves the 8 queens problem in only 7 minutes! We want to thank all of the Beta users so far. We appreciate the feedback. We continue to enhance the user interface, further optimize the code, fix bugs and missing pieces, and address all of the issues you have been reporting to us in e-mail as well as the e-group. Please do stay tuned...there are many great things coming in the future of Rexx/PalmOS!
- LesTec Pty Ltd - Modular And Integrated Design - Visual REXX Utility using basic rexx scripts - Modular And Integrated Design Do what YOU want with your computerSimple, straightforward REXX scripting together with our visual editor enables you to-
- LogiSoft AR Ltd. Home Page - RexxBOS, OS/2 Rexx library providing complete system interface. The RexxBOS library gives Rexx programs an ultimate control over the OS/2 control program, keyboard, mouse, and displaydevices previously available only to programs written in C, Pascal or Assembler. RexxBOS CGI functions make web server script development easier and faster. The library can be called from the OS/2 system interpreter Rexx and can empower the Visual Rexx products from Watcom, Hockware or IBM.
- M.C. de Geus - REXX programs English - REXX programs for OS/2 Legalese These programs are released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, see That's all.
- Mark Hessling's Home Page - Welcome to my home! This page provides information on software packages that I have written or maintain. The software I support is free software and mostly related to the Rexx programming language. If you find the Rexx-related software I provide useful, please consider joining the Rexx Language Association .
- Mark Hessling's Home Page
- MR/2 ICE REXX Scripts
- NovaStor - Backup, Encryption, and Data Interchange Software
- Oberon Programmers Toolkit - REXX Interface - Oberon Programmers Toolkit - REXX Interface
- OS/2 : REXX
- OS/2 REXX Programming - OS/2 REXX Programming
- PillarSoft's OS/2 Rexx Site - Rexx Snippets and Code for OS/2 & VisPro/Rexx
- PillarSoft's OS/2 Rexx Site - Rexx Snippets and Code for OS/2 & VisPro/RexxSend us your snippets or your suggestions for what you think may be needed or interesting. Be sure to post your name (and email address?) so any users can give you due credit if you've been helpful to them in their work. Here are some other Rexx links
- PPPDIAL - REXX PPP Internet Access - PPPDIAL.CMD REXX Script for IBM's OS/2 © Warp 3.0/4.0 Internet Access Kit
- Quercus Systems Home Page - Quercus Systems... branching out from the basics.
- RAI Products - RLX designates a family of REXX Language Xtensions that endow REXX with additional capabilities. Together they make REXX a viable replacement for compiled host languages so you can 'Do it all in REXX.'
- Redial Loop in REXX Script fails after slip/ppp update - Redial Loop in REXX Script fails after slip/ppp update
- Relational Architects Int'l - Products - RLX designates a family of REXX Language Xtensions that endow REXX with additional capabilities. Together they make REXX a viable replacement for compiled host languages so you can 'Do it all in REXX.'RLX is designed to let you tackle the kinds of sophisticated applications that previously had to be coded in Assembler, PL/1 or C. RLX includes:DB2 Interface REXX Compiler SQL Compiler VSAM access Software Development Kit DB2 / ISPF objects DB2 Table Editing CLIST to REXX translator
- Rexx - more links - Here are some additional pointers to Rexx resources on Internet, compiled by Anders Christensen
- Rexx Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
- REXX Information - REXX InformationThis page is a repository for information on the REXX programming language. Comments should be sent to
- REXX Information Sources - Some recommended REXX links...
- Rexx Kahn Server Info
- Rexx Kibble - Crunchy bits of code to make your rexx grow.
- Rexx Links
- Rexx Programs
- Rexx Returns... - Rexx Returns...Rumors are terrible things to waste... and I see in my absence of just over 3 days many were bandied about shamelessly. Well during my brief reprieve I have made a discovery that has changed a lot in the way that I think about VP. For Rexx to leave VP, is like leaving the world without a Superman! You all need me as much if not more than I need you. And I DO need my friends. As for the criminal element who saw my absence as a golden oppertunity to hurt some of the people Icare for here in VP, be warned... REXX IS BACK FOR GOOD!!!
- REXX Scheduler Instructions
- Rexx Standard - Date and Time conversions
- REXX Tutorials - REXX TutorialsWelcome to the REXX Tutorials homepage. If you want to learn more about using one of the simplest, most powerful, most popular languages ever made available, you have come to the right place. This page will host tutorials on the REXX language and available function packages.
- REXX Utilities - REXX utilities Swap Monitor
- REXX Workshop - Part 1
- REXX Workshop - Part 2
- REXX Workshop - Part 3 - REXX Workshop - Part 3 Parsing
- Rexx/Tk - the Easy GUI Programming libraryIt's here! Yes, something that has been a long time in coming-- and needed for even longer. A combination of one of the easiest scripting languages available and the most powerful cross platform GUI toolkit on the planet.
- REXXCOMP, an REXX callable file compression DLL for OS/2 - What is REXXCOMP?REXXCOMP is REXX callable file compression DLL for OS/2. It allows you to compress and decompress a file from REXX. And it comes with source!
- Selected REXX Freeware and Shareware - Selected REXX Freeware and SharewareThis is a collection of Freeware and Shareware software that has been gathered from our bulletin board and our CompuServe forum, as well as the usual sources. Although we believe these files are some of the best available that are related to REXX, we have not necessarily conducted extensive testing, and the usual disclaimers apply. Also, please remember to support Shareware authors by paying the requested license fees if you continue to use the software.
- SLAC's REXX WWW CGI Function Library
- The REXX Adventure Page - Rexx-Adventure is a text adventure engine designed specifically for OS/2 Presentation Manager. Rexx-Adventure uses a point-and-click interface to make text adventures easier to play, and a simple adventure generation system to make themeasier to write.
- The REXX Calculator - The REXX CalculatorBy Dave SchneeEvery AS/400 (and many other machines with IBM-supplied operating systems) have REXX interpreters built-in. What seems to be a very well kept secret is that REXX is a very capable and versatile command language with full access to all system facilities. That is because REXX is able to execute all host commands.
- The REXX Files
- The Rexx Language - The Rexx LanguageWelcome to the Rexx Language page at IBM Hursley. This page links to documents relating to the Rexx, Object Rexx, and NetRexx programming languages, gleaned from many sources. Here you will find the latest news, tutorials and other information about the languages, the Rexx Language Association, the Rexx ANSI standard, etc., and lots of links to other Rexx-related sites.
- The Rexx Language Association - Welcome to the Rexx Language Association website!The Rexx Language Association (RexxLA) is an independent organization dedicated to promoting the use of the Rexx programming language. Learn more about RexxLA on our About RexxLA page. If you'd like to join, complete our membership form and send it in today!Do you want to know more about the Rexx Language? Check out Ian Collier's Rexx Introduction or the SHARE Introduction to Rexx Tutorial.
- Timur Kazimirov and his REXX scripts
- Using REXX as a macro language - Using REXX as a macro language My last technical tip (Pointers Sep/Oct 94) looked at calling C code from REXX; and this time I thought I would look at the reverse problem - that of calling REXX code from C.
- Web-O-Matic/Rexx - Web-O-Matic/Rexx: a tool for building complex interactive Web applications by compiling HTML to Object Rexx.
- What Is...REXX (a definition) - REXX (Restructured Extended Executor) REXX is an interpreted script language developed by IBM originally for use by personal users of large operating systems. It was designed for ease of learning and use and to make programming accessible to non-programmers. It offers powerful character-manipulation, automatic data typing, manipulation of words, numbers, and names, and debugging capabilities.
- Writing WWW CGI Scripts in REXX - This talk is aimed at people who have experience with REXX and are interested in using it to write WWW CGI scripts. As part of this, I will describe several functions that are available in a library of REXX functions that simplify writing WWW CGI scripts. This library is freely available at //

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