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Mark Hessling's pages (New!)Mark Hessling's Home. As the domain name suggests, this site contains lots of information about the Rexx programming language. This page primarily provides information on software packages that I have written or maintain. The software I support is Open Source and free.If you find the Rexx-related software I provide useful, please consider joining the Rexx Language Association. To get more information on each product supported, click on the navigation bar to the left. Once you are on each product's home page, there are links to enable you to download the product, view the online documentation and to submit bug reports or feature requests. All of my products are now supported using the tools provided by SourceForge .
- A Survey of OS/2 REXX Libraries (New!)REXX Libraries. Introduction to REXX Libraries. Southern California OS/2 User Group Open House 1998 What We're Talking About...* This presentation concentrates on the REXX language with emphasis on functions and how they can be used to extend REXX. It includes:o Some historical background on the REXX languageo An introduction to functions as a programming language constructo A Review of "built-in" REXX Functions * A follow-on presentation examines three REXX libraries that extend the language in various ways.
- Guide to Writing CGI Scripts in (New!)Guide to Writing CGI Scripts in REXX and PerlLast Update: July 24, 1998. WelcomeCGI-scriptsIntroductionThis Guide is aimed at people who wish to write their own WWW executable scripts using WWW's Common Gateway Interface ( CGI). Though the main emphasis is on REXX many examples are also provided in Perl.There are some simple software libraries to facilitate writing CGI scripts. cgi-lib.rxx is a REXX library of functions (available at SLAC by using the REXXCALL PUTENV 'REXXPATH=/afs/slac/www/slac/www/tool/cgi-rexx'statement to include the library at execution time)and is a similar library in Perl written by Steve Brenner (there is an executable copy of this libary at SLAC in /afs/slac/g/www/cgi-lib/ NCSA has a very useful set of Perl CGI handler subroutines that are available via anonymous FTP.Another set of Perl CGI Server Side Scripts written by Brigitte Jellinek is available under Gnu public license. There is also the Source code for scripts and programs. There is also an index to Perl WWW programs gathered by Earl Hood. Finally see the Web Development Center.Since there are security and other risks associated with executing user scripts in a WWW server, the reader may wish to first view a document providing information on a SLAC Security Wrapper for users' CGI scripts. Besides improving security, this wrapper also simplifies the task of writing a CGI script for a beginner.
- LesTec Pty Ltd - LesTecML Maile (New!)LesTec's Handyware - MAID ? - REXXIO - LesTecIO - LesTecML MailerSimple Quick Customised InterfacesSave Time With LesTec ProductsReady to order LesTec Products?
- LogiSoft AR Home, MIB compiler, (New!)Our company focuses on SNMP network management development tools and custom software design and implementation.SNMP Development and Testing Software ProductsLogiSoft AR provides flexible, versatile, reliable and intuitive tools for Windows 2003/2000/XP/NT/Me/98/95 and OS/2. Our SNMP development and testing software simplifies network management software development in C++ and Visual Basic. The simple network management protocol (SNMP) tools support Microsoft and Borland development environments.Our SNMP tools support all stages of the SNMP development: from implementation through debugging to SNMP compliance testing.LogiSoft AR is constantly improving its products, quickly responding to the needs and suggestions of established customer base that spans seventeen countries on six continents. The quality of our products and technical support is greatly appreciated by our customers.
- RAI Products (New!)
- Relational Architects Internati (New!)
- REXX - MAIN (New!)
- The Rexx Language Association (New!)The Rexx Language AssociationWelcome to the Rexx Language Association website!The Rexx Language Association (RexxLA) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the use and understanding of the Rexx programming language. For more information about RexxLA and to learn how to join, visit our About RexxLA page.NetRexx to be Open Source!IBM announced in April, 2008 their intention of making available their NetRexx product. RexxLA and IBM are currently in negotiations for turning over the source code and project materials to RexxLA. RexxLA will establish a project for NetRexx as soon as feasible.
- Using REXX as a macro language (New!) Using REXX as a macro languageIntroductionMy last technical tip (Pointers Sep/Oct 94) looked at calling C code from REXX; and this time I thought I would look at the reverse problem - that of calling REXX code from C.This provides a relatively simple way to use REXX as a macro language, or alternatively to write a test harness for your own REXX scripts.For the purposes of this article imagine we wish to run a macro language inside a program. For simplicity we only want to provide a few simple commands: PAUSE, BEEP and TESTFAIL. However for security we wish to prevent the user passing instructions on to the command processor.Obviously to implement a complete macro language we would need more than this, possibly also making use of common variables between C and REXX; but this example illustrates the technique.One example, which may be familiar to some of you already, of a rather fuller implementation of a Rexx-based macro language is given by the Enhanced Editor (EPM) which uses .ERX files to provide extendability for the editor. If nothing else this article may be of interest if you are the sort of person who likes to know how something works!
- Writing WWW CGI Scripts in REXX (New!)Writing World-Wide Web CGI Scripts in REXXR. L. A. CottrellStanford Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94309Talk URL: // talk is aimed at people who have experience with REXX and are interested in using it to write WWW CGI scripts. As part of this, I will describe several functions that are available in a library of REXX functions that simplify writing WWW CGI scripts. This library is freely available at // the examples are in Uni-REXX.
- REXX Introduction, Tutorials, and Resources (New!)When you think of scripting languages used to process text files or create reports, the first languages that come to mind may be Python or Perl. However, there was a language called REXX developed by IBM in the late 1970s that also accomplished these features and can be considered a major precursor. REXX or Restructured Extended Executor is a free-form programming language that includes a ton of features including support for functions, ability to process unix commands, file I/O operations, debugging tools, and crash protection.

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- C F S Nevada, Inc. Home Page In (New!)Listen to The Voice of Las Vegas!C F S Nevada, Inc. is a Las Vegas-based producer and publisher of personal computer software and publications for the OS/2, Windows 95/98 and Windows NT platforms as well as providing high level consulting to enterprise clients around the world.C F S Nevada, Inc. was founded in 1993 by Dick Goran, well-known consultant and software developer with more than 30 years of experience in the data processing industry. Prior to starting C F S Nevada, Inc. Goran was President and CEO of a Massachusetts-based IBM mainframe software development company known world-wide for its VSE products.Goran is best known in the PC world as the author of the best selling, award winning REXX Reference Summary Handbook. He was also a Contributing Editor at Miller-Freedman's OS/2 Magazine and IBM's Personal Systems Magazine.
- De Geus Vertalingen ? Openingss (New!)
- Download Windows and OS/2 Softw (New!)PillarSoft SuiteThe PillarSoft Suite is a great collection of software and utilities specifically for the OS/2 family of operating systems. From the well known and highly regarded WarpZip to the lowliest color selection utility, they are all gathered here.
- Introduction to REXX Workshop (New!) Introduction to REXX WorkshopDate: March 31, 1999Time: Noon - 4pmDuration: 4 hoursLocation: MSB042Instructor: Rick EllisIntroduction* Restructured Extended Executor* Developer: Michael Cowlishaw* Human-oriented programming language* Flexible and feature rich* A REXX program is called an exec.* REXX was intended to replace the EXEC, EXEC2, and CLIST languages.* REXX execs can be interpreted or compiled.* REXX is both a scripting language and a procedureal language.
- Rexx Frequently Asked Questions (New!)Welcome to the RexxFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ)Join the Rexx Language Association today!The TSO/Rexx FAQ by Neil HancockA summary for VM/ESA Rexx by Rex SwainA Rexx Style Guide by Neil HancockGeneral Rexx informationDr. Dobbs, Software Tools for the Professional Programmer - This FAQ may be found in the Scripting and Alternative Languages area of the Programmer's Resources section
- REXX Information Sources (New!)Some recommended REXX links...C F S Nevada, Inc.: The REXX Reference Summary HandbookThe Handbook itself is a must-have for anyone who uses REXX in OS/2. It has reference information available nowhere else on* REXX keywords, functions, and OS/2 extensions* WPS object names, object classes, and setup strings* REXXLIB functions* DeskMan/2 information This site also has a good collection of OS/2 REXX related freeware and shareware, as well as a few other surprises.Mike Cowlishaw's REXX home pageThis is the ultimate reference page for anything and everything related to REXX.Francois Thunus' REXX PrimerNew to REXX and/or wondering what it's all about? Have a look at this tutorial for a good introduction.
- REXX Workshop - Part 1 (New!)
- REXX Workshop - Part 2 (New!)
- REXX Workshop - Part 3 (New!)
- SLAC's REXX WWW CGI Function Li (New!)
- The REXX Calculator (New!)The REXX CalculatorBy Dave SchneeEvery AS/400 (and many other machines with IBM-supplied operating systems) have REXX interpreters built-in. What seems to be a very well kept secret is that REXX is a very capable and versatile command language with full access to all system facilities. That is because REXX is able to execute all host commands.What is different, however, is that REXX is not a compiled language -- it is always interpreted. Moreover, it is permissible to create a REXX command in a REXX variable and then execute the command you have just created. Since the created command can be anything REXX can do, there are some unique and powerful possibilities. The following calculator is just one.To Implement the calculator, I use a CMD source member to allow prompting and command line entry.
- Selected REXX Freeware and Shar (New!)

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