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- Contact Consultants (GSM Operators) - Australian GSM networks Optus Mobile Digital Telstra Mobilenet Vodafone
- Falcom Australia - FALCOM A2D-1 - GSM 900/DCS1800 - Dualband Modem The FALCOM A2D-1 is a highly flexible plug and play GSM900/DCS1800 modem for direct and easy integration into customer specific hardware platforms. Two serial interfaces, car voltage range for the power supply and an audio interface that fits the FALCOM Hands-Free Kit or Dial Handset make this device the perfect solution for system integrators and single users. The FTA concept increases the flexibility of the complete design and reduces dramatically the "Time-to-Market" period which allows a very quick return of investment. Evaluation software tools together with our technical support enable designers to realise complex solutions within a short period of time.
- General User Services - Send Short Message - You can send a short message to any SmarTone Mobile Mail subscriber. Simply fill in the spaces provided and click on SEND. If the short message contains Chinese characters, please tick "Chinese message contents" before typing in message.
- GSM Data Home Page
- GSM group, unlock, mobile phones, forum - Welcome to the best GSM site, the place where you find everything ! GSM yahoo! GROUP is the place where people talk about mobile phones, GSM software, ask help or change ideas about how a phone can be unlocked, how to flash, change languages, repair... A lot of trades start here like nowhere else. This site is additional but required for the GSM GROUP members, and not only. Find on this site:
- GSM RC 730 and RD 750
- GSM World
- GSM World: Home of the GSM Association
- INTERCEL - InterCEL Pty Ltd is an Australian Company incorporated in 1989. InterCEL specializes in data, fax and voice acquisition and transfer via cellular networks GSM & CDMA. The company's products are built on leading edge technology providing cost effective solutions in the field of Wireless Local Loop (WLL) InterCEL provides an in house Research and Development Team of Engineers who can provide customised solutions.
- Kannel: Open Source WAP and SMS Gateway - With hundreds of millions of mobile phones in use all over the world at the moment, the market for services targeted at mobile users is mindbogglingly immense. Even simple services find plenty of users, as long as they're useful or fun. Being able to get news, send e-mail or just be entertained wherever you are is extremely attractive to lots of people. The hottest technology for implementing mobile services is WAP, short for Wireless Application Protocol. It lets the phone act as a simple web browser, but optimizes the markup language, scripting language, and the transmission protocols for wireless use. The optimized protocols are translated to plain old HTTP by a WAP gateway. Kannel is an open source WAP gateway. It attempts to provide this essential part of the WAP infrastructure freely to everyone so that the market potential for WAP services, both from wireless operators and specialized service providers, will be realized as efficiently as possible. Kannel also works as an SMS gateway for GSM networks. Almost all GSM phones can send and receive SMS messages, so this is a way to serve many more clients than just those using a new WAP phone.
- Martin's Pilot Page - Martin's Pilot Page (Home of GSMtool)
- - We are back to a REGISTERED service, but it's still FREE! Even if you registered before, you need to register again before you can login and send messages. Watch this space for network updates. partner networks We have more than 60 partner networks in over 40 countries and we are expanding. Check the current network list to see if your network is active.
- Qualcomm CDMA
- SEND GSM SMS EMAIL FAX FROM the WEB - SEND A SMS Message from the WEBAlternate networkInstructions: Get the Number right country code, area code, number. { No international dialing prefix no leading zeros in area code or leading +} Fill in the subject {130 characters) Fill in your email Press send all fields are required. Countries covered (not complete yet)
- SH 888
- SMS - Manda e-mail ad un GSM
- SMS gateway
- SMS Server Tools - SMS Server Tools Project Homepage / Manual The SMS Server Tools is a package of programs wich are useful to send and receive short messages using a simple file-based interface and one or more GSM modems. This Software was made for users that send less than 10,000 messages each month.
- Technology and Products - ABOUT CDMA QUALCOMM's pioneering Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital wireless technology.
- TelephOnline,The Biggest GSM-Showroom Online - TelephOnline is the biggest GSM-showroom online. The grow of the number of cellular phones in the world is at the moment enormous. We just want to give people a general perspective view on the offer of cellular phones. Sit back and enjoy your voyage through our site.
- Webdata SMS Gateway
- Welcome to Mobiles !
- Welcome to Parsley
- Your cellphone is locked? ;-) heh
- [ s m s m e b a b y ] - the coolest way to send SMS across Australian Mobile GSM Networks

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