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SQL - Links
- Fredy's Admintool for SQL
- Home page - PostgreSQL/2
- Moodss and Moomps - Moodss is a graphical monitoring application. It is modular so that the code accessing the monitored objects is completely separate fromthe application core. The core takes care of managing modules (loading and unloading), displaying modules data through sortabletables and diverse graphical viewers, handling user set threshold conditions with email alerts. The graphical user interface is complete with context sensitive help(through balloons and a message area) and features a thorough and very intuitive drag'n'drop scheme for ease of operation. Finally, dashboards created with moodss can also be used by the companion moomps daemon, for threshold and UNIX syslog monitoring in the background.
- SQL Developer - Cross Database Cross Platform SQL Client - SQL Developer Cross Database / Cross Platform SQL Client SQL Developer is a SQL administration and development frontend with a graphical user interface. It is written completely in Java˙ and runs on virtual machines supporting Java˙ 1.3 or higher. With SQL Developer you can connect to various databases using the JDBC interface. Your quest has ended. Why use a lot of different software tools to get access to your favorite databases? Use a cross database tool on any platform running Java with one frontend. For feedback, suggestions and comments please contact or just go to the SOLYP site here.

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