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- * Home Page * Allthings Sales & Services * CCTV * Video Surveillance Cameras * Quads * Switchers * Monitors * Multiplexers * Infrared Illuminators * Japanese Lenses * SONY SAMSUNG & TOSHIBA CCD Image Sensors
- AXIS 240 Camera Server
- Axis Communications - Network Camera and Video Server - Network Camera and Video Servers Axis Network Cameras and Video Servers provide an easy way to capture and distribute live images over a network or the Internet using a standard web browser. Whether you want to improve your Web pages with live images or if you need a network surveillance solution - Axis Communications can match your needs!
- Braendle Visual Systems - Best software for your (surveillance) live web cam. With SpyTool you have an efficient and easy-to-use tool to monitor remote places. It stores only relevant images. This is possible because of its sophisticated moving detector. No more unnecessary usage of storage space with images no one is interested in or pipes of printed images which produce nothing more than extra costs. SpyTool analyses image flows from multiple cameras for you and generates lists or hypermedia protocols in HTML. These documents are enriched with applets and text with the information extracted from the image flows. You can easily check what happens from any point in the world any time you want. Of course SpyTool is also able to send you a message (e. g. to your pager or e-mail account) if specified thresholds are reached.
- faq - SpyTool
- More information about SpyTool
- Pan-Tilt Camera
- User documentation - SpyTool Version - Reference Manual

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