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- ActiveHome Computer Interface - The Computer Interface connects to your PC and sends signals over your existing house wiring to control lights and appliances connected to X-10 modules.
- Decker Automation - When one of the more useful utilities is generated by Decker Automation, we like to share. And here's the place we do it. Programs available here include:Lynx/2 - a port of the text based Lynx web browser to OS/2Updates to SpHyDir - the Structured Professional Hypertext Directory manager originally produced by PC Lube and TuneGetURL - a command line Internet File retrieval utilityThe Decker Home Automation System - a growing collection of enabling programs for flexible Home AutomationRxCP290 and The Decker Home Automation System The X-10 company has for years provided a cost-effective and popular means for control of the lights and appliances in the home, by means of the X-10 Home Control System. X-10's CP290 Home Control Interfaceprovides the hardware required to control the X-10 modules from your computer's serial port. Now you can combine the capabilities of the X-10 system with the Power and flexibility of OS/2, and OS/2's REXX language, with RxCP290 - the REXX Interface to X-10 Home Control.
- Home Automation Systems Catalog - x10 automation, home security, surveillance, audio / video control and more
- Home Automation Systems X10 Products
- - Computer cables and networking supplies. 1-800-931-3133. - Check out our new X10 Home Automation section! You can now automate your entire home. It's fun, it's easy, and it's affordable! Spend one minute at our Home Automation Tutorial to learn how easy it is!
- The Warped Code Cellar - Welcome to -- The Warped Code Cellar -- a site primarly dedicated to OS/2 Applications. This site has been created to provide information, programs and utilities for OS/2. If you are an OS/2 user or new to OS/2, feel free to download the programs offered here and try them out. Also, feel free to follow the links to get more information about OS/2. Enjoy. Comments or suggestions are welcome.
- URL - X10 FAQ version May 16, 1996 To request a copy of the FAQ send email to or (preferred) get it from To make a comment or submit some information for the FAQ send email to Many thanks to Tim Green the previous keeper of the FAQ. This FAQ is posted automatically the 1st and 15th of every month to comp.home.automation. Someday it will be formatted for posting in news.answers and will then be archived at
- Welcome to - The SuperSite for Home Automation: X-10 Home Page

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