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RSM ver 4More Info

R.S.M. Version 4 released last week during the COMDEX. This new release allows an OS/2 Workstation to access and control Remote PCs that are running a wide variety of Operating Systems including: DOS, Windows 3.1x, Windows95, Windows NT 4 & 3.51, OS/2 16-bit (1.21, 1.3 and 1.3.1) and OS/2 32-bit (all versions from OS/2 2.0 to OS/2 Warp 4) via a large set of communication protocols (Null-Modem, Modem, NetBIOS, IPX/SPX, X25, RNIS-CAPI, APPC-APPN and TCP/IP). RSM is the leader in cross-platform remote access with more than 400,000 users worldwide.

OmniFileMore Info

A new DataBase/Contact Managemnt/PIM for OS/2.

OS/2 Warp ver 4 "Merlin" now shipping !Do I really need to say much here ?

FaxWorks Pro ver 3More Info

This is HOT, if you fax, if you would like to fax, if you tried faxing but it didn't work, check out the FaxWorks Pro ver 3. Simply brilliant and brilliantly simple summarizes this product. Your modem deserves it! But don't trust me, ask a user:

quote below from a user e-mail

So far I've still only tried the Lite version of Faxworks. The program I am currently using as an "Answering Service" is Cooee (Windows based, came with my modem). I have also looked at Bitware (Cheyenne), Smartcom (Hayes) and a couple of Shareware odds and ends almost all of which have been Windows based. The following comments about faxworks hold against *all* of the above: FaxWorks (Lite) is simple and intuitive. Packed with OS2 it did not come with a manual and it did not need one. Essentially all you ever need is to print or to Fax/Receive/Off|Current|One|All. FaxWorks (Lite) has been very reliable. There has been very few faxes that I have failed to connect with, I have never received a fax using FaxWorks that has been corrupted. (With several of the other products I have had apparently successful receives that just show garbage in the file.)

I like the single simple log, especially the way it has been extended to include the voice messages. No running around looking in many different places to try and find voice in, fax in, fax out.

I also like the simple receive options. No making sure you start the answer component then the fax component then the voice component then the log component and so on (some of the products I've tried make it look so hard!).

I have found that, under OS/2, it is possible to go ahead and do other things while faxes are being received and sent without any problems. The same is *not* true of the Windows based products!

PS. Do you know if they make a Win95 version of FaxWorks (yet). Is it as good and simple as the OS/2 version? I know a few people with Win95 who would really like some decent fax software!

NeoN 3D

More Info

As reviewed in APC Dec'96. At the Melbourne PC96 show we were demonstrating NeoN 3D. Someone from the audience commented " this is just like Autodesk Animator ". As we moved on with the demonstration we heard again: " just like Autodesk Animator ". Once we started rendering we opened another instance of NeoN and started rendering second animation. We then heard: "s*** , you can't do that in Animator ! ". We then started burning a CD whilst rendering an animation, both continued without interrupting one another .

Unite CD Maker

More Info

As reviewed in PC Mag Oz Dec'96. Simplest. easiest, most powerfull CD Mastering software on the market, period. The entire application consists of two templates (audio and data) and a burner object. Just ask a user:

This is the best software I have purchased all year. We have been making CDs for two years now, and I have tried five other Windows based CD software, and CD Maker outperforms all of them. CD Maker is easier and more powerful than all the other applications . If you have any people interested in it, you can get them to ring me and I will tell them how good it is. We have quite a few underburned CDs, and using CD Maker we were able to recover most of them.