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OS/2 Links, News and References - Links
- OS/2 Warp on the 'Net (OS2).
- 32BitsOnline Magazine
- - I'll Choose OS/2! [Regular Columns/Commentary/BobOS2] - I'll Choose OS/2! We join the show in progress, as bachelorette Buffy is about to select her OS: "Biff, I choose OS #2" "OK, Buffy, that means you didn't choose OS #1, which is Microsoft Windows NT, favorite of ... practically everyone! And you also didn't choose OS #3, which is Linux .. the new cutie pie with so much charisma and ... well, momentum. No, Buffy, let me tell you a little about OS #2, you chose OS/2 ... abandoned by its family at a time when it still showed great promise, this OS continues to be a favorite of sophisticated users, reasonable and unreasonable alike. Tell us, Buffy, what made you select OS/2?"
- A Future Vision - A Future VisionWarpstock is the Tomorrow of OS/2 by Peter Skye
- Best of OS/2 Home Page
- CDP/2's OS/2 Review
- Chauvet & Company's Warp City Web Site
- Corrigan Computer's OS/2 Links
- EDM/2 - The Electronic Developer Magazine for OS/2
- IBM BookManager BookServer Library - IBM BookManagerİBookServer Libraryyour electronic library of books on the World Wide Web. Using BookServer, you can easily manage and display electronic books grouped into catalog collections and bookshelves.BookManager's high-performance, morphological searching capabilitiesallow you to search books and entire bookshelves for the information youneed.
- IBM OS/2: Library - White Papers - OS/2 Warp Vision - Unprecedented opportunity ... unparalleled competition. A Double edged sword. In order to win, the enterprise mus transform itself. Securing competitive advantage means integrating all available resources. IBM understands that. To find out how IBM with network computing, Java, and OS/2 is working to make technology your servant, not your master, click on these important topics:
- IBM Redbooks - Home Page - Redbooks, named for their red covers, are "how to" books, written by very experiencedIBM professionals from all over the world. For our mission statement and descriptions ofour deliverables see Who We Are.
- Jacco's OS/2 page
- LifeData Resources' OS/2 Support Page
- Lotus Domino Go Webserver - Product Documentation for 4.6 and 4.6.1
- Netscape Navigator for OS/2 Authoring Tools
- Netscape Navigator for OS/2 Tips and Tricks
- OS/2 Best of
- OS/2 CONNECT - December 1997
- OS/2 CONNECT - February 1997
- OS/2 e-Zine
- OS/2 e-Zine! - The best OS/2 reading ANYWHERE.
- OS/2 Game Links
- OS/2 Links
- OS/2 Links - Index
- OS/2 Links Homepage
- OS/2 Links
- OS/2 Mistress BBS
- OS/2 News and Rumors
- OS/2 Warp News and Rumors
- OS/2 Warp News and Rumors
- PC Magazine: PC Tech (OS/2)
- The Warped WebRing
- Warp 4 tuning tips
- WarpCast - Current News
- Yahoo :OS/2
- ZDNet Sm@rt Reseller - IBM Mixes Latest OS/2 Messages
- ZDNet Sm@rt Reseller - Linuxites: OS/2ers In Sheep's Clothing?
- ZDNet Sm@rt Reseller - Shhh! IBM's Still Selling OS/2
- ZDNet Sm@rt Reseller - Symantec Listens To OS/2 Users

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