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SBT Information Systems

Why OS/2 Warp®?

There are several million users worldwide which are running PCs and applications based on OS/2.

As OS/2 Warp® users we were continually frustrated by the lack of exposure for these excellent, mission critical applications and the operating system that enabled them. The SBT Information Systems Page is our small effort to increase awareness of OS/2 Warp and OS/2 applications. We hope you enjoy the information we have collected.

You are always welcome at our offices to check out the latest in high-performance, 32-bit multithreaded software, and to see how you can put it to your advantage.

      On this Web

    1. Latest News & Newsletters
    2. Operating Systems
    3. Productivity, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, DataBase
    4. Utilities & Maintenance
    5. Communications
    6. Graphics & DTP
    7. MultiMedia & UltiMedia
    8. Visual Development Tools
    9. IBM Workgroup Solutions
    10. Networking, LANs & WANs
    11. Power Tools
    12. Programming Tools, REXX & Editors
    13. CAD, Scientific & Engineering
    14. Backup, HardDisk, RAID, & Security
    15. Others
    16. Games & Divertissement
    17. Late Additions
    18. The Coupon
    19. To Warp - or not to Warp ? links to reviews, as well as links to other OS/2 Web Sites
    20. OS/2 Publications

    BMT Micro Software Sales Australian Mirror


    Hot Links, Cool Sites

    OS/2 related pages our own collection of interesting sites, frequently updated
    Sundial Systems Relish, ClearLook, Mesa 2, DBExpert, Rover
    Keller Group PMfax/Voice
    PolyEx Hopkins FBI, Talos V and other products
    Computer Interface Corp OmniFile, Contact Connection
    ModularDreams WebAK, PaintFX
    WorkLab LogoArt
    Priority Master Ted Waldron's Priority Master
    True Spectra Inc Home of Photo>Graphics for OS/2
    Solution Technology Inc Applause, Review, Twain, BarCode
    SekTor Techologies from where we stole the animated logos...
    The Warp PharmacyThe Bush Doctor has the elixir to fix your ailing Warp.
    Team Computer Team Multimedia NeoN 3D Animagination for OS/2
    International Software Solutions Remote Services Managemnt
    Pinnacle Technology: Desktop Observatory
    Innoval Post Road Mailer, NetXtra, WebWilly
    LogiSoft AR Ltd home of RexxBOS, a complete OS/2 Rexx interface.
    MicroLearn OS/2 Games
    SPG Inc. Colorworks for OS/2
    Client Server Networking High Performance LAN Tools

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